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Parapraxis started its journey as a magazine in the midst of a pandemic in a world where distancing ourselves from each other came to be the new normal, when it seemed like there was absolutely no one to take the shackles off our feet. It began with the aim to kill all kinds of distance and bring together those who love to speak their minds. Today Parapraxis has evolved into The Parapraxis Project, a platform which has sailed out to capture thoughts, emotions and expressions that flow out of the mind at their rawest, with the purpose of showcasing your ideas and feelings in any and every form. Pen down your thoughts in the form of poetry, prose-piece, play or pick up your paint brushes and give a colour your emotions and give your imagination the flight it has always deserved. You can also submit reviews on movies, games, or manga that have left some indelible impression on your mind or on a book you might have lost yourself in. This platform has absolutely no bars on themes and topics for the entries to pertain to. It is only the Parapraxis Magazine which accepts entries on specific themes which change with every issue. The Parapraxis Project looks forward to featuring all kinds of works that are original, previously unpublished while providing a forum that is flexible enough to comprise literature and art of every genre and thus, provide an all-inclusive space to uphold fresh perspectives and creativities.


The Parapraxis Project

"The unconscious is structured like a language"

- Jacques Lacan