Image by Kelli Tungay

Excerpt From the Issue

“Beyond the abyss of mortality,
where the stars spun joyously,
a mailman came to a sudden stop.
The silver-eyed mantis danced
and danced, behind the black rainbow.”


—  Dhritimay, Hymn


Volume 1. October, 2020.

For the very first, digital issue of the Parapraxis Magazine, the Editorial Board devised a trajectory of keywords that would follow a chain of thought while being independent of one another at the same time. "Origins", "Reflections", "Borders", and "Black & White" were, therefore, chosen as the overriding themes of the first issue since the keywords seemed to speak of intersectionality, subjectivity, and objectivity at a universal level, not limited to a single thought or action. The writers were, thus, given a platform to capture their ideas on either one or the entire trajectory of thoughts, and present their opinions in the form of an artistic statement. The writers were at liberty to interpret and employ the keyword/s in their articles since the very aim of The Parapraxis Project stretches towards inclusivity and flexibility.


What the magazine has received in turn is an overwhelming response from a whole spectrum of writers ranging from undergraduate students to professors at the university, for whom the keywords spoke at a both personal and political level.


"Origins", for instance, was employed as a metaphor for an exotic bird's nest being returned to its mother, as a strife between a mother's womb and an exasperated doctor over an unborn child to a wandering Jew cursed by Christ himself. On a similar vein, students and professors helped connect ideas of asexuality and racial politics under "Black & White".


The digital issue of the Parapraxis Magazine thus strived to capture how the ideas of "Origins", "Reflections", "Borders", and "Black & White" speak at different levels to individuals, the ubiquity of untapped emotions.