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Updated: Nov 17, 2020


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He sits right here before me

His eyes so still; and fixed too

I really hope he succeeds

But also somehow falls through

I know that he's hard-working

I know he'll work till dawn's in

I know he'll soon be leaving

Places that he's never been

I know he won't look away

He's planned out just every move

His path won't dare go astray

Some day, I hope, he'll fall through

He will not disappoint you

He'll stick to lines you once drew

So wary of a 'wrong move'

Falling's what the wrongs fall to

He looks so fragile up close

Cross my fingers he won't break

When he falls in between those

Bricks laid down to 'show the way'

When some time has been 'wasted'

I'm sure he'll get up again

But I like him distracted

And unprepared for the end

I love how he keeps busy

But scared he doesn't know why

So eager to 'become', he

Never found a 'self' to find

'Making it'- heard that's the 'deal'

But if he fell down some time

He'd have a moment to feel

Things not really worth a dime

So what would he fall into?

He'd really just make a mess

In life, they'll ask you "Where to?"

Want to go? No one cares less

So, you know what? He'll be fine

Maybe he'll hop with more clumsy

Maybe on the way to dying

He can look around; just be

I see him fight and hurry

Bent upon how not to quit

As life's a mess, I worry

He'll forget how to not fit

His fists are clenched, back upright

He's still looking straight ahead

I hope he trips, so he might

Fall to life he'd ace instead

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