Meet The Team

Dhritimay Sarkar 

Co-Editor (Graphics) and Illustrator

My interests include science-fiction, cyberpunk, dystopia, cosmic and existential horror, art, films, gaming and most importantly, people who don’t have interest in me.


Editor (Graphics) and Illustrator

I like learning new languages and find myself hooked to graphic novels, Sci-Fi and war movies, classical art, cartoons, watching TwoSet Violins, music, making drawings that  I rarely complete and being confused in general.


Ranjana Sarkar

Co-Editor (Bangla)

Colonial period in India , Indian Writing in English, Nationalism, Communal Politics and Partition Studies are areas of my special interest.


Samidh Sadhu

Editor (Bangla)

I am interested in Romanticism - particularly the works of John Keats. And then there's Jane Austen, Elizabethan drama and, of course, Children's Literature.


Sainaz Farzana Kazi


I enjoy reading anything printed on paper, but usually prefer existentialist horror and crime thrillers, or the odd Murakami. My research interests include ludology and modernist literature and concepts, as well as classical studies. I love playing video games, listening to music round the clock while trying not to make a fool of myself.


Ishan Purkait 

Co-Editor (English)

I'm interested in 20th century Latin American literature and Indian Writings in English. My areas of interest also include film studies, particularly the French New Wave films.


Ditsa Mandal

Editor (English)

I like dabbling in horror, mythology, Victorian literature, video games and annoying my poor friends.


Abhista Goswami

Co-Editor (Bangla)

I headbang to odd time signature prog-metal bands while wishing I  was born a crab, scuttling away under the seas (Prufrock go brrr). My research interests include romanticism, stream-of-consciousness novels and ludology.


Soham Adhikari

Co-Editor (English)

My interests revolve around Victorian Literature, Hellenistic and Renaissance Art, Graphic Novels, Cinema, David Bowie and sometimes depressing Lana Del Rey music too.


Disha Chakraborty


My research interests include mythologies, Biblical and Christian studies, Renaissance art and literature and Marxist criticism.


Sparsha Barman